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Leading the Digital Infotainment Revolution. 

We would like to introduce ourselves as Internet Solutions Provider having infrastructure to provide high speed and redundant connectivity for Fiber Optic Line / Radio Link solutions. We are working as a Category ‘B’ ISP for Entire Gujarat Telecom Circle for providing reliable bandwidth on stable IP’s And one of the major System Integrator; Offering an all-inclusive range of IT Infrastructure Solutions And Services for Diverse Customers. Sparkline Technosys Private Limited has always been an entrepreneur in introducing and implementing new technologies customized to its client’s needs.

Continuing, Sparkline Technosys Private Limited decided to implement, and maintain these networks more intelligent, faster, more reliable and durable. We are developing on the provision of products and services for our customers which manage and improve their obligation WAN / LAN environment. Our goal is to help companies reduce the overall operating costs, increase user productivity and new technologies to keep pace with latest technology. We offer solutions adapted on the basis of technologies for the international business strategy for our clients.

With the changing times and the dynamics of the economy, it is important for any organization to keep pace with the latest technology.

Being a premier IT solutions for enterprises, it is our highest duty to ensure that our customers with the latest technology with optimized way and with a diverse and skilled team. Sparkline Technosys Private Limited have the possibility of applications across different platforms integrated increased without much inconvenience as the productivity and profitability of customers.

We Provide the Best Service In Industry​.

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• Our Vision & Mission
To be the most admired in-home entertainment, education and interactive services company that creates radical social transformation, and delights and empowers customers.


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Fastest & Most Reliable Internet Service

Internet Leased line is for those who need dedicated bandwidth. Growing business often need to choose between a high cost, high performance Internet Leased Line or low cost, low performance broadband connection. Internet Leased Line offers best dedicated bandwidth.

We Serving Since 2013

• J.B Chemicals & Pharma Limited,(Ankleshwar)
•Asian Paints Limited (Ankleshwar)
• Cadila Healthcare Ltd (Ankleshwar)
• L&T (Bharuch)
• Apex Healthcare Ltd,(Ankleshwar)
• Samrat Pharma Chem Ltd,(Ankleshwar)
• Syngenta India Limited (Ankleshwar)
• Reine Chemicals Pvt Ltd,(Ankleshwar)
• Dolphin Chem Pvt Ltd,(Ankleshwar)
• Vihita Chem Pvt Ltd,(Ankleshwar)
• Ketix Chemicals Pvt Ltd (Ankleshwar)
• Daya Ram Chemical Pvt Ltd,(Ankleshwar)
• Efkam Organic,(Ankleshwar)
• Deep Pharma Chem (Ankleshwar)
• Narayan Organic (Ankleshwar)
• Jarad Chem,(Ankleshwar)
• Shree Shyam Dyeing,(Ankleshwar)
• Chandra Bala Modi Academy,(Ankleshwar)
• Podar World School,(Ankleshwar)
• Swami Vivekanand School. (Gujarati Medium)
• Swami Vivekanand School. (English Medium)
• Valiant Organics Limited (Jhagadia)
• Champion Advance Materials Pvt. Ltd,(Jhagadia)
• S.KUMAR Nationwide Ltd,(Jhagadia)
• Amarjyot Chemicals Ltd,(Jhagadia)
• Nanco Chem LTD (Jhagadia)
• Manmohan Menerals (Jhagadia)
• Ketty Apparels India Limited,(Vataria)
• Dr. M Filter Technology Pvt Ltd.,(Ank Pungaam)
• Shivam Incorporation,(Panoli)
• Panoli Organic,(Panoli)
• Cyclo Pharma Ltd. (Panoli)
• Bajaj Healthcare Limited,(Panoli)
• Kamadhenu Nutrients (Panoli)
• Labdhi chemicals (Panoli)
• Shivansh Pharma Chem (Panoli)

And more than 150 ILL/SME & 1000 + Broadband Happy Clients


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