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Smart Surveillance offers video surveillance security solutions to protect assets and prevent business-damaging incidents. The Video-surveillance-as-a-Service solutions include AI-enabled, remote mobile video surveillance monitoring and incident response solutions.

Surveillance System Features

With the modernization of video surveillance technology in recent years, security camera systems offer increasingly advanced features and cutting-edge capabilities.

A challenge in choosing the right surveillance system for your organization is knowing which security camera features to prioritize. There are seven factors that modern surveillance systems need in order to be secure, efficient, and scalable: intuitive video management system (VMS) software, remote accessibility, low bandwidth consumption, reliable video storage, data security, calculable total cost of ownership, and ease of maintenance.

While every organization has different security needs, understanding these top considerations can help guarantee the staying power and total lifetime value of your company’s surveillance system.

Video Management Software (VMS)

A security camera's video management software (VMS)⁠—also known as its video management system or server⁠—is the control center for recording, storing, and managing surveillance footage. Learn more about what to look for when evaluating solutions.

Secure Remote Access

With traditional video security, a company would typically set up, manage, and operate its entire surveillance system onsite. Today, these aspects are often handled remotely and secure remote access is the key to it all. Understand what remote management features should be a part of your security solution

Data Security

Data breaches are among the biggest cyber-threats for CCTV cameras today, and this makes data security paramount for operating a video surveillance system. Know what features to look for in a protection checklist as you look to purchase and operate cameras you can trust.

Preventative Maintenance

After setup and installation, every video camera security system requires ongoing maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate optimally. Evaluate the features that can extend the lifespan of your investment, and make preventative maintenance easy and automatic.

Bandwidth Reduction

Bandwidth availability is a primary concern for any network, and video security systems are not immune. Uncover features that can help reduce the bandwidth requirements for IP cloud, hybrid cloud, 4K, and NVR camera systems.

Video Storage

From local NVRs and DVRs to unlimited cloud archiving, learn what video storage features to look for — and avoid — to best optimize your surveillance system.

Keep an eye on your Assets

Secure your construction site, logistics center, industrial or public facilities, and more with our Smart Surveillance solutions. Protect your assets and prevent business-damaging incidents like break-ins, theft, vandalism, and production disruptions. We help to keep an eye on the safety of your assets, so you can focus on your business.

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