Leased Line

High Availability Leased Line

Is your organization among those where all forms of business systems and communications are online – you host emails on Microsoft Exchange or the like; your core business operations are cloud based; your office phone system is either provided over VoIP SIP trunks or hosted?

If speedier and uninterrupted Internet connectivity is critical to your business, High Availability Internet Leased Line from Technosys guarantees you superior performance and agility. High Availability Internet network is provided across a variety of different technologies and carriers to ensure that if one fails, your business operations based on voice or data would not be affected.

Key Features:

  • 1:1 pure symmetric bandwidth
  • POP level dual upstream parenting
  • IPV6 ready
  • Last mile level dual POP parenting
  • Strict adherence to SLA for uptime latency of National CDN, International Routes
  • Self help portal for usage graph, billing, and uptime information
  • Proactive monitoring and notifications
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